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Retreats & Conferences WYD Madrid


Emma is with WYD pilgrim group ‘SYD04’, who have just spent the week in Brazil’s Forteleza working with the Shalom Community. She caught up with 17-year-old Brazilian local Neto for his thoughts on faith, community and hosting the Aussie pilgrims.

Life to the Full


In this second part of his talk on the life and legacy of Benedict XVI, Fr Epeli Qima Qima reflects on our modern world and the future of the Church, drawing from the Holy Father’s own words at his last general audience.

Life to the Full Pope Emeritus Benedict 3


There is no doubt that the historic abdication of Pope Benedict XVI has raised questions and fears for Christians and non-Christians alike. Taking a step back from all the speculation about motives and prophecies, Fr Epeli Qimaqima reflects on the gift of Benedict XVI: how even through his decision to renounce his papacy, he continues to lead us faithfully to Christ.

Heaven, Hell & Purgatory HEAVEN


In this session of Life to the Full, Fr Greg Morgan presents our understanding of what life is in heaven, how we get a foretaste of heaven here on earth, and how the liturgy communicates the reality of heaven.

Heaven, Hell & Purgatory inferno hell


In this session of Life to the Full, Fr Greg Morgan discusses the reality and logical necessity of Hell, Christ’s own words on it, heresies related to Hell and damnation, and how Heaven is much more important.