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Dynamic talks for young-adults from public houses around all the capital cities of Australia.

Pub Theology Adelaide calling of peter and andrew disciples apostles fishers of men


In this episode of Pub Theology from July 2013, Mark Doyle explains the call to be a modern day apostle by speaking on how God has called him at key moments of his life.

theology@thepub Fr Roderick Vonhogen


Fr Roderick Vonhogen gives an entertaining account on how his desire for adventure as a child lead him to a love of Star Wars – and how this in turn has sent him to the newest frontiers of evangelisation as a priest.

Guinness and God Canberra


Lulu Mitshabu tells her inspiring story of how she fled the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo as a political fugitive with her children, was accepted into Australia as a refugee, and now works to help the women and children of the place she once called home.

Pub Theology Adelaide Christ heals leper


In this edition of Pub Theology from March 2013, Fr Peter Zwaans delves in to the Gospel of Luke to show that Christ’s mission is not one of passivity, but even in His Passion He actively accomplishes that which the Messiah was to do for God’s people.

Pub Theology Adelaide


Fr Morgan Batt draws on his extraordinary life as Army Chaplain and mountaineering priest to present how he has lived his life bringing Christ to the market-place – and how we can do the same to live the New Evangelisation.

Marriage & Family love marriage romance


In this episode of Pub Theology from December 2012, Fr Peter Zwaans speaks on love the noun and verb of love: “falling” in love and responding to love. Can the two be confused? Are they opposed? How can they help us to know a vocation to marriage?

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