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Talks and teachings on the Church from the iWitness Conference held at Stanwell Tops, Australia.

Evangelisation Abp Julian Porteous


Hobart’s Archbishop Julian Porteous relates to his own experience in speaking on how we can put the popes’ call to a new evangelisation into practice in a post-Christian society.

iWitness abp paul gallagher


Papal Nuncio to Australia Archbishop Paul Gallagher explores how liturgy has developed over the 20th century, and gives an overview of the fundamental themes of Pope Benedict’s vision of the Liturgy.



Cardinal George Pell gives his reflections on the changes to the world and the Church since Vatican II; and what Bl John Paul II, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have brought to the Church.

iWitness Benedict XVI


Sr Mary Helen opens up Pope Benedict’s first encyclical for an easily digestible look at the God Who is Love – and how we participate in that Divine Love.



In the final talk at iWitness 2012, Ryan and Karin Messmore reflect on their relationship and eventual marriage, and how it was influenced by an unlikely place – the covenantal marriage practice of the ancient Israelites.

iWitness solitude water man contemplate


In this talk for men from the iWitness Conference, Christian Stephens discusses two contradictory perspectives of masculinity put forward in the media, and how they both fall short of true masculinity.